Hi, I'm Beth!

"Don't dig up in doubt what you planted in faith."
- Elisabeth Elliot

When I started my journey as an entrepreneur there were so many things that scared me about the future, especially if the investment I was making into my business was going to pay off. I think we all have these fears!

Today I work with fascinating clients who run businesses I truly believe in. I help them make smart decisions about advertising, build compelling ads that resonate with their target audience, and pull it all together with clear and effective marketing strategy.

Facebook Ad Manager Walk Through

Join me as I walk my friend Susan from Susan Tripi DeLano I Rise Consulting Group walk through the Facebook Ad Manager and talk about Pixels, Audiences, Campaign Creation, and Metrics!

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Facebook Ad Case Study: Using Facebook Ads to Get Data (Even With a Small Budget)

You might have heard that Facebook Ads are only worth it if you can spend large amounts of money on a regular basis, or that people poured hundreds or thousands of dollars down the drain on a campaign that didn’t work. But if you are smart about your expectations and diligent in your monitoring and…

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Placing the Facebook Pixel on Your WordPress Website

I have a terrible confession to make. When I was going through the process for this blog post, I realized that I, myself, have not placed my Facebook pixel on my website. Shame on me. Doing this is vitally important if you ever want to use ads for your business, because that Facebook pixel is…

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Is Your Business Ready for Facebook Ads – Creating a Value Ladder

The questions I get most often with business owners all stem around a lack of real knowledge of what Facebook ads or Instagram ads can do, how they can help, and if they are ready to try them yet. Most people have seen Facebook ads all over their newsfeed from marketers who are saying they…

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How I Rock Being a Boss & a Mom With Just My iPhone

If I said I’m busy iPhone networking would you know what I’m talking about?  I run a freelance digital marketing business that provides a 2nd full time income for our household.  The majority of the networking part of my business happens on the phone while I’m hanging out with my toddler.  It’s a beautiful thing.  Honestly,…

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Janna Denton-Howes - Marriage Coach

Beth is super sweet, incredibly knowledgeable and very skilled at breaking down complicated Facebook Ad strategies into simple steps.